Education Fair

An education fair held by Cesar Vallejo University in Piura.



The annual education fair held by Cesar Vallejo University took place on October 21st and 22nd , which presented its careers such as Translation and Interpretation , Law, Medicine , Industrial engineering , Architecture , etc. Having offered information to students who came from differents schools to see what careers the university can provide.

The students could get information about the possibilities to get a scholarship and study abroad with the international interchange courses that the university has for all the students with high scores and good grades.

About 20 private and public schools attended to this amazing education fair which was created for all the educational community of Piura.

In this picture , we can see my team group of my Faculty of Languages. On the right , Treissy Ortiz close to me , on the left , Silvia Gomez , Ana Maria Rodriguez , Thonia More.










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  1. Claudia Tirado says:

    I had the great pleasure to meet this inspiring group of students. They spent two days encouraging teenagers to join the Translation and Interpretation school at UCV here in Piura. They are doing a fantastic job. My best wishes and kind regards to all of you.

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