Yncana Vallejiana


The  Yncana Vallejiana is a celebration as a part of the integration week of the Cesar Vallejo University , where all students compete each other representing their own  professional schools to win the cup.

There are several games such as “Cantan y Gana” , “La cuerda” , “Atrapa los globos”  and a few others. There is only one winner and this is known in the end of this journey.

Every school is prepared with their own bands and all the students get dressed with a single-style t-shirt.  They all support their partners who compete in the games.

It starts with short parades made by the different schools and which is also an opportunity of winning the prize in the category of the best band. Each band has its own mascot and ours was a tiger this year.

The dance cast of the university and the singing cast participe giving some performances for all the spectators that are cheering happily in their places.

There are games only for men and others only for women. I participated in one called “Rodillas arriba” where you have to run some meters holding your partner’s waist without stopping for any reason , it was absolutely much fun , when we passed the finish line we all just fell down running in circles one above the other.

We all had a blast this weekend, it was also a chance for meeting each other and make new friends of other years, for sharing an amazing moment all together as a team group and faculty.


Jorge Bocanegra Villegas










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